Native Cloud Born Application

KobiWorx has been designed and developed as a cloud application on micro service architecture.

KobiWorx is highly scalable as performance and storage wise.

For Mobile Users

KobiWorx user interface has been developed using a responsive design approach for every size of screens, for both desktop and mobile clients.

You can easily use the same application whether you are at your office on your desktop client or you are traveling with your mobile clients.

For Business Users

KobiWorx is built for business users. You can easily create your own business application, manage your forms and listings, and even permission, without touching the database or typing any code.

You and your teammates can quickly start using KobiWorx without complex trainings or IT involvement.

It is just for business users.

Secure and Reliable

On KobiWorx, your data is stored seperately in a private database for your application.

KobiWorx is hosted at Microsoft Azure platform on Microsoft’s most scalable, secure and reliable microservice architecture to provide you most acceptable uptime and security.


KobiWorx is a low code/no code application platform that allows small and midsize companies to digitalize business operations by easily building line of business applications.

Create Your Own Application

You can create your own application tables without using any code, just simply create and relate them according to your business requirements.

You can create tables, fields of various types and even relate tables together with our simple user interface.

You can build a crm, a field force management  system, a human resources application, or even an operational system for your commerce acitivities.

Design Your Data Entry Forms

You either use the default form created by the system or add your own forms with different designs as how you want your end users should enter data.

Design Your Data Lists

You can create as many views of your tables as you want with the desired fields and filters, making shortcuts for your end-users for easy use.

You can easily extract the data in your views to Excel and for advanced use scenarios.

Authorize Your End Users

Our permission management system allows you to apply the required scenario whether you have a flat and small organization or you’re company has a highly leveled structure and complex business roles.

As you register on our system you become the 1st user and also your application admin. With this level of user rights, you can create, authorize and invite other users to your business application.




We help you to configure your application and to migrate your existing data into KobiWorx

Data Migration

Organization Management

User Management

Permission Management



We provide customization services for your most suitable KobiWorx features

Form Management

List Management

Custom Development

Content Development

3rd Party Service Integration


Evolve Wisely, Expand Possibilities, Experience KOBIWORX

Start using KOBIWORX free, upgrade when you are ready

Micro Edition (Free)

GBP000monthly per account
  • 5 Content Definition
  • 50 MB Data Storage (storage limit just for your account database)
  • 3 users
  • No Free Support
  • No Free Customization
  • Special Offer For Product Launch

Business Edition

GBP2500monthly per account*
  • 10 Content Definition
  • 500 MB Data Storage (storage limit just for your account database)
  • 10 users
  • Free Business Level Support
  • 8 Hours Free Customization Service
  • *Annual Prepaid Price

Business Plus Edition

GBP5000monthly per account*
  • 20 Content Definition
  • 2 GB Data Storage (storage limit just for your account database)
  • 25 Users
  • Free Business Plus Level Support
  • 40 Hours Free Customization Service
  • *Annual Prepaid Price

Corporate Edition

GBP10000monthly per acoount*
  • 30 Content Definition
  • 5 GB Data Storage (storage limit just for your account database)
  • 100 Users
  • Free Corporate Level Support
  • 120 Hours Free Customization Service
  • *Annual Prepaid Price


Cloud computing is one the most innovative technology of our time. It is simply a focused technology platform which provides specific IT Services to a selected range of users, offering the ability to login from anywhere, from any device and over any connection. By incorporating all of these features, KOBIWORX always aims to provide its customers with the most effective and customer-oriented solutions, by closely following innovative, dynamic and changing technology.


Murat Bozacıoğlu